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What We Offer

Networking Events :

Get to know other talented members and senior executives of top companies digitally or in-person. Share ideas, get feedback and look for possible collaborators. 

Career Growth & Recruiting:

As a licensed recruiter we can help you in your next career growth stage Get exclusive access to unique job opportunities in some of the top companies. 


Collaborate with top companies and organizations. Directly tackle problems and bring about positive change. 


Consultation & Mentorship:

Consultation and support on your career growth through all stages. Get the latest reports and career information from various industries. Mentorship programs for members by seniors. 

Volunteering Events:

Various volunteer events, such as Eco-walks, Fundraising etc. Meet other passionate members who want to give back to society and charities. 


Tours of offices, institutions, or factories guided by board members and senior executives. Experience the environment and culture of top companies first-hand. 

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