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Who We Are

We lead the way in empowering exceptional talent. Our focus is on fostering professional advancement through dynamic collaboration and strategic talent placement. We aim to bridge the gap between driven professionals and forward-thinking companies, contributing to Japan's thriving future. Emphasizing open communication, teamwork, and clarity, we address intricate challenges and strive to elevate industry benchmarks.

Our Core Values

✔︎  Honesty

✔︎  Innovation

✔︎  Open-mindedness

✔︎  Commitment

✔︎  Positivity & Optimism

​Our Principles

✔︎ Communicate clearly & directly

✔︎ Proactive and daring

✔︎ Act with integrity

✔︎ One team

✔︎ Celebrate every success together

Meet The team


Peter Sayn-Wittgenstein

Founder & CEO

"At TeamFirst, we're not just building careers; we're crafting a community of leaders and changemakers, poised to redefine Japan's future."

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Kento Kitagawa

Head of Business Development

"Our community is the heartbeat of TeamFirst. It's where ideas flourish, connections are made, and growth is not just a goal but a shared journey."

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Marielle Bogucka

Head of People

"At TeamFirst, our community is all about connection and growth. It's where we help each other find the next step in our careers, connect meaningfully, and grow together professionally."

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We are a team of young professionals who share a common goal: to change Japan's future development by having a strong community of like-minded members and supporting their goals.


Our community is a vibrant tapestry, with over 400 professionals, each contributing unique perspectives and skills. Our members, ranging from tech wizards to financial gurus, represent the pinnacle of Japan's diverse talent pool.

  • Hosted over 150 events.

  • Fostered partnerships with more than 30 inspiring companies.

  • Cultivated a balanced network with 51% female professionals.

  • Achieved a remarkable linguistic diversity with 99% bilingual members and 58% fluent in a third language.

  • Represented by professionals from over 260 distinguished companies.

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