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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TeamFirst and other recruiting agencies?

The biggest difference is that our core service is not recruitment. TeamFirst is a community platform where companies and talents can create intriguing connections with one another.

Another difference is the quality of talent and companies. We are confident that our database is top in the industry. This is because we are able to attract such talents and companies for the sole reason that being a part of the community is a huge value in itself.

Do you guarantee placement?

No. We do not guarantee placement to take place. TeamFirst is a community at its core. We believe that forcing to create placements will lead to a potential mismatch for both companies and talents.

However, we will support you to the best of our abilities to find the perfect talent for you.

​Do you also support new graduates hiring?

Yes. Members of the community are not restricted to working professionals. There are many top university students in the community that are looking to find their perfect match.

Who is in the community?

We are an exclusive community that truly aims to reshape Japan's future. Therefore, we are very selective with our members. In fact, for both companies and applicants, there is a strict filtering process that allows only the brightest people and companies to be invited into the community. There are core guidelines we follow to be consistent with our evaluation of the members. 






My question is not listed here...

No worries! We have a "Contact us" page where any question is welcomed. We will respond to you as quickly as we can. Please jump to the page from the below button.

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