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TeamFirst Community 

We are leading the revolution in career growth, by running a community of change makers.


Our Mission

We are a community changing the future of Japan by increasing transparency, collaboration, and open communication.

What We Do

  • Career growth events featuring top leaders

  • Best-in-class career development workshop & matching services for career opportunities

  • Mentorship opportunities for professional development

  • Volunteering events


What Sets Us Apart?

  • Curated community of top talent in Japan

  • Impact-driven approach to solving challenging problems

  • Comprehensive career support and networking opportunities

TeamFirst visit to Toraya Akasaka

Current TeamFirst Members

Members from 250+ global universities and

top companies

Diverse members who have lived in 50+ countries

50/50 male to female ratio

Top 3% in terms of skillset, ability, and education

98% bilingual

and 60% trilingual

Ready to Unlock your Potential?

✔︎ Step outside your comfort zone

✔︎ Enhance your stagnant everyday environment

✔︎ Broaden your perspective on future goals

✔︎ Boost your motivation, inspiration, and ambition

✔︎ Enhance your communication and networking abilities

✔︎ Connect with like-minded and talented individuals

The TeamFirst Community:
Unveiling its 3 Core Elements

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 7.29.25 PM.png

Level Up 
Your Career

  • Seek advice from leading executives

  • Get inspired by other great talent

  • Gather resources and information to help boost your ambition and achieve more

Level Up 
Your Career


Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 7.29.25 PM.png

Connect with
Top Talent

  • Expand your network

  • Meet with potential future collaborations, colleagues, and like-minded people

Connect with
Top Talent


Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 7.29.25 PM.png
  • Learn from the best and meet decision-makers behind organizations

  • Acquire the latest information and trends across various industries

Connect with
Top Companies


Connect with
Top Companies


TeamFirst visit to Wako Ginza

What TeamFirst Offers

Our Good Company Principles

We work together with companies that belong to a selective basket of hand-picked organizations and fulfill the following principles:

Satisfied employees

Transparent and open communication

Always keen on learning more

Always care to provide a fair career opportunity

Focused on the future of Japan

Our Application Process


Apply through our website and send us your CV


Application Assessment (referrals possible)


Interview and

Personality Test


Results within

14 days


Welcome to TeamFirst!


Want to know what our events are like?

Join Us Now!

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