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Who We Are

We are a team of young professionals who share a common goal: to change Japan's future development by having a strong community of like-minded members and supporting their career growth.




Since moving to Japan, Peter has helped grow Schmatz, a modern German beer concept, from 1 store to 40 stores, with a focus on building a strong culture and team of over several hundred members. Having interviewed candidates around the world, he has observed immense inefficiencies in recruiting, unhappy workplaces, and poor company cultures. His experience has inspired him to improve career development in Japan by always putting the team first.



Legal and Management

After 5 years of hiring experience in the service industry, Moeko joined Kaiser Kitchen Co., Ltd. in January 2020. Currently working as a TeamFirst member, she aims to create a new system that provides a high quality platform for networking and recruitment.

“As young professionals who have been working in Japan for years, we have the first-hand experience in both applying to and hiring from Japan’s recruitment market. We have all experienced missed opportunities resulting in mismatched pairings, as well as the lack of job satisfaction that comes from ending up in the wrong role. Statistics show that Japan ranks as one of the lowest on the global scale of “job happiness” and the percentage of “enthusiastic employees” is near the bottom of the list.

We believe in a more holistic approach to the professional matchmaking process that will ultimately result in creating a happier, more fulfilling team.”

--- Peter Sayn (Head of TeamFirst)

✔️  Honesty

✔️  Innovation

✔️  Open-mindedness

✔️  Commitment

✔️  Positivity & Optimism

​Our Principles

✔️ Communicate clearly & directly

✔️ Proactive and daring

✔️ Act with integrity

✔️ One team

✔️ Celebrate every success together

Our Core Values

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