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Tech Support

Tokyo | Part-time

Why tech?

After working with members from 240+ different companies, we have realized that none of us measure career growth effectively. Do we actually grow? Do we learn a lot? Are we happy? We have decided to give our community members the opportunity to measure their career development in a fun and visually appealing way. 

About the role

Part-time position


We are looking for someone who is interested in website and app building, as we are looking to launch an open beta for our career diary/journaling app by next year. The framework has already been built, with all the functionality and data collection set up, however, your role will be collecting feedback from the community, implementing necessary changes, and expanding to a larger user base.

In this role, you will take leadership in: 

  • Build and improve the “app” & website for our career journaling efforts

  • Get feedback for app builds (initially from TeamFirst members, then externally) and continue improving the app

  • Grow infrastructure to support larger amounts of data

You are best for this role because:

  • You have technical experience in building a website and app. We are currently using Wix, with a combination of no-code solutions for web design and javascript for back-end connectivity.

  • You have experience with constructing data structures to support large amounts of data and connecting data with front-end elements.

What we offer: 

  • Gain valuable experience in app design, as well as technical skill growth

  • Help TeamFirst members in increasing their happiness at work, as well as improve career growth opportunities 

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