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Ted Gushue: Digital Strategy and Journalism

An In-Person gathering with the Founder and Director of ERG Media

About Ted Gushue

Ted Gushue is a renown photographer and the Editor in Chief for Type 7, which is Porsche’s in-house magazine. He is also a Global Ambassador for the beautiful Swiss city of St. Moritz and the Creative Director for several brands in the fashion & lifestyle space. Previously he was the Executive Editor of a leading automotive lifestyle brand providing short films and editorial around the world's finest classic vehicles. Ted has a deep appreciation for cars, travel, design, and life experiences. During this talk, Ted will take the time to explore the nuances of traditional and social media, while also giving his take on cultural exportation and its value to society today.

What we learned

Ted beginning by telling his journey in Connecticut, graduating with a financial degree during the recession, and wound up working as a DJ in New York City. After juggling DJ'ing for a year, he began to write a gossip column for the New York Daily and eventually stepped into the role of a Gossip Columnist. This led to his next venture of starting his own magazine called "Supercompressor" and at 24, he began to write about a variety of topics from powdered alcohol to bluetooth speakers. This eventually led to his current role, when he was hired by Porsche to help launch 'Type 7 magazine'.

Type 7 aimed to interest a younger audience to help grow their consumer demographics. Type 7 talks about travel, food, culture, and other topics that younger audiences can relate to. Porsche hopes to connect these audiences and topics to their cars to get younger people interested in the overall car culture that Porsche contributes to.

During Ted’s time at Petrolicious, he had to work many roles, photography, writing, editing, etc so that he could write his magazine. Because of this, he learned a lot about photography and really enjoyed it.

Ted thinks that social media really evolved when Instagram was released because Instagram provided a simple and elegant way for people to share photos and stories. Ted believes Instagram democratized media sharing. Instagram was a key shift for media and media industries. Ted believes that engagement is the true mark for a successful social media platform.


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