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Tasuku Ito: Cosmetic Future

An Online Chat with the Manager, Director, and CEO of Zenyum

About Tasuku Ito

Tasuku Ito first started his professional career working as a consultant for Accenture Japan; during his time there, he felt overwhelmed by the level of difference in experience and skill between himself and his colleagues. After a meeting with his boss one day, he was inspired to change his mindset and put aside comparing himself to others and focus on his ability to consistently deliver high-quality work. With this change in perspective, he climbed to Senior Manager at another consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan. After turning 30, Tasuku decided to change careers from consulting and moved to become the Head of Strategy at OYO Japan. He led their strategic planning office for a little over a year before finally landing the role as the CEO of Zenyum Japan.


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