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Second Harvest: Food Insecurity in Japan

An In-Person Gathering to Raise Awareness for Second Harvest


Second Harvest Japan is working to create a food safety net so that everyone has access to the food they need. For over 20 years they've provided food to those in need as well as the organizations that support them. They are a specially recognized NPO vetted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Recently, through the implementation of PokePay, a custom community payment system, Second Harvest Japan has created the "Nutritional Fuyuyasumi Coin". It allows the organization to provide e-money directly to over 2500 single-parent households around Okinawa with the goal of addressing food insecurity in children throughout the islands. This e-money will allow families to shop directly at local restaurants, grocery stores, and produce stands around the island, just as if they were using cash.

The Gathering

After a year of online events, the (albeit slow) transition back to hosting in-person gatherings has been extremely exciting! Over beer graciously provided by Schmatz, TeamFirst members got an opportunity to chat with old friends, meet new friends, as well as hear about how Second Harvest is tackling food insecurity in Japan. Even as the event drew to a close, members lingered, hoping to continue the conversations with all the friendly faces. Although we were grateful for the ability to host online events, despite the Covid crisis stifling many other events, we are more than excited to continue our in-person gatherings!

TeamFirst community members gathering over beers
What a fun night!


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