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Noh: Moonlight Dance

An In-Person Outing to see a traditional Noh Performance, directed by our very own TeamFirst member, Soraya Umewaka


A traditional form of classical Japanese Theater, Noh has been a significant part of Japanese performance culture for hundreds of years. Even in modern days, the traditional performing art form has been maintained by a few prominent families, offering performances to the public.

One of our very own TeamFirst members, Soraya Umewaka, recently organized a Noh performance titled "Moonlight Dance". The performance told the story of a Wagashi maker meeting a traveler and the offering of sweets called "Moonlight Dance". With over 600 years of Noh performance history in Soraya's family, it was an incredible interpretation of traditional performance elements combined with contemporary Noh theater.

In addition, the performance space, the Kishi Residence in Gotemba, was owned by another TeamFirst member, Mitsuharu Kurokawa. An absolutely stunning space filled with natural elements, combined with traditional Japanese architecture, the Kishi Residence provided the ideal backdrop for the beautiful performance organized by Soraya.

The Outing

Members of TeamFirst were fortunate to be offered the chance to see the performance, in-person, during the night show. With 6 members taking the trek to Gotemba, we were graced with an incredible performance, with original live music performed throughout and the light of the moon shining down upon the stage. An incredible space, performance, and organization effort by our very own TeamFirst members.

Thanks so much to Soraya and Mitsuharu for this fantastic collaboration and incredible opportunity for TeamFirst members to experience traditional Noh theater first-hand!

Photo Credit: Kageaki Smith

Photo Credit: Kageaki Smith


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