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Kay Kato: Investing

An Online Chat with the President and Investment Evangelist of WealthPark Lab

About Kay Kato

Kay is the President and Investment Evangelist of WealthPark Lab. Before his career at WealthPark, Kay worked in numerous major global investment companies such as Tokio Asset Management and Invesco. Kay received his MBA from Columbia University and is a certified member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan and has passed the Certified Public Accountant, Financial Planner, and Financial Analyst examinations. He lived in the UK and the US before moving to Japan and has visited over 30 countries to conduct economic and investment research. His work is based on his belief in “direct investment experience and being in the same boat with clients”.

What we learned

Throughout the many things we learned, one thread was consistent: his goal of showing the positive aspects and mindset of investments, rather than solely selling their product. More specifically, he emphasized his mentality of acting as an evangelist, rather than focusing on promoting the product. Interestingly, Kay also showed returns qualitatively rather than quantitatively, further supporting how the platform is used to change the mindset of investments and thus is better reflected through the experience, rather than through numbers. The talk ended with the effects of digital technology on investments, highlighting both the benefits of improved calculation and processing ability, as well as the dangers of the inherent increase in speed of the industry.

Overall, the TeamFirst members had an incredible time learning about investments from a different perspective - thanks to everyone for coming and a huge thanks to Kay Kato for his incredible insights!


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