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Podcast (co-host)

Tokyo | Part-time

Why podcasting?

After hosting 70+ online events, we have decided to switch to podcasts in 2023. For this to happen, we are looking for TF members who would be willing to help conceptualize and (co-)lead this effort. In an ideal scenario, we are looking to release 3 podcasts (each 30-45 mins) per month starting beginning of next year. 

About the role

Part-time position


We are looking to launch a weekly podcast and are looking for someone interested in helping to host and curate these sessions. This will involve sourcing, contacting, and curating the podcast sessions (we have a long lead list already, so half the work is done!). This will be a super cool position with the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and take leadership of the direction & curation of these podcasts. Join to be a part of creating the Japanese version of something along the lines of “Wisdom from the top” / “How I built this”.

In this role, you will take leadership in: 

  • Sourcing potential guests and reaching out to an existing network of hundreds of interesting people

  • Co-hosting and helping record

  • Taking charge of publishing and posting 

  • Helping out with direction and questions/script

You are best for this role because:

  • You are a curious and outgoing individual who is always interested in meeting new people

  • You have the organization skills to ensure the podcast stays on schedule and can have consistency in frequency

  • You have the communication skills and experience to help craft compelling and relevant scripts for the podcast

What we offer: 

  • Unique opportunity to create one of the most interesting content platforms for education in Japan 

  • Get to meet and interview some of the most inspiring leaders of Japan

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