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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the membership free?

Yes. All the services are provided for free. There is no downside to joining/staying in the community.

If interested, apply now to be a part of the community!

Who is in the TeamFirst community?

Our members are some of the top talents currently in Japan, from successful entrepreneurs and employees from highly reputable companies to students from the best global universities. We have a diverse group of individuals gathered, that are all open-minded and passionate for growth.  

What is the goal of the TeamFirst community?

While other agencies mainly focus on supporting the job vacancies to be filled, we are fully balanced with the candidates and their path to finding a company. TeamFirst not only enhances the candidates to reach their full potential, but it also aims to strengthen the companies as well. Most agencies do not filter out "good" companies and are highly incentivized financially by the company's dedicated budgets for each hire. Further, these systems are not customized to each candidate, which makes "placement" lose its full potential. As an extension, TeamFirst provides a system where both the candidates and companies have the chance to become better, therefore enabling them to build a better team and future.






How many events are being held?

TeamFirst hosts over 2 events monthly, we are planning to expand into hosting weekly events in the near future. These events are often held on weekday evenings, and are decided according to the most convenient times for our members.


Due to the on-going uncertainty of the our current situation, most of our events take place virtually. We will continue to update this as the situation changes. 

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership, please send an email to the TeamFirst community organizer. They will then proceed with your request and send you an e-mail confirming the cancellation of the membership.

My question is not listed here...

Don't worry! You can ask us any other questions you have by using the link below. Please feel free to ask us anything.

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