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We are a community dedicated to connecting Japan’s current and future leaders. By increasing communication, collaboration, and transparency within and between various organizations, we will positively impact the future of Japan.


Are you ready to unleash your full potential as a talent?

I want to learn about other workplaces and opportunities.


I want to aim higher. What are the top executives thinking and working on?


I want to meet top talent from other industries and outside of my social circle.


I want to meet more passionate people and be more inspired.


Looking for any of the following?


✔︎ Break out of your comfort zone

✔︎ Improve your everyday stagnant environment

✔︎ Expand your vision for your future goals

✔︎ Accelerate your motivation, inspiration and ambition

✔︎ Improve your communication and networking skills 

✔︎ Meet like-minded and talented individuals 

we're here to help

TeamFirst is a community platform that allows you to unlock access to top companies in Japan and meet other top talent.

If you are a talent motivated for any of the below, TeamFirst is the perfect platform for you.

The 3 elements of the
TeamFirst community

Connect with top companies

✔︎ Learn from the best and get to meet the decision-makers behind organizations

​✔︎ Acquire the latest information and trends across various industries


Connect with other top talent

✔︎ Expand your network by connecting with top talent

✔︎ Meet with potential future collaborators, colleagues, and like-minded people


Level up your career

✔︎ Seek advice from leading executives 

✔︎ Get inspired by other great talent

✔︎ Gather resources and information that help you boost your ambition and achieve more 


We grant access to unique opportunities for our members by facilitating direct communication and best-in-class matching services whilst always focusing on quality.

 Private Events

( Online / Offline )

We host private events where talent and companies are able to freely interact in a casual setting, allowing you to go beyond your current horizon.


Acquire the latest information and trends across various industries


Seek advice or ask questions through direct interactions with executives


Gathering of pre-selected talent and companies


Speak and share freely about your future goals.


Enjoy food and drinks on the house!

About Our Members


"A young professional with a global mindset that can maximize output by always putting the team first."

✔︎ Keen interest in other cultures, global opportunity, and working in a diverse and international environment
✔︎ A team player
✔︎ Hungry and driven to challenge
✔︎ Possesses a broad point of view

Our "talent" belongs to leading Japanese companies and global universities. Further, we focus on gender equality.


Who IS A

"top Talent"?

More info available for members.



"Top companY"? 

"A leading company that shows a strong influence in the market by always putting the team first."

✔︎ Satisfied employees
✔︎ Transparent and open communication
✔︎ Always keen on learning more
✔︎ Always cares to provide a fair career opportunity
✔︎ Truly cares about the future of Japan

Our "companies" belong to a very selective basket of hand-picked companies that follow the above principles.


More info available for members.

Our current members

Members from 100+ global universities and top companies 

Diverse members having lived or are from over 30+ countries


50/50 male to female ratio

Members are the best talent in Japan in terms of skills, abilities, and education

98% are bilingual &

60% are trilingual

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